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Handmade from 100% fine sheep wool, this Plain Knit yet sophisticated masterpiece comes fleece lined. Your hands will love them.

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Pass me some warmth!

Touch, hand knitted mittens made from 100% fine sheep wool.Immaculately well knitted from premium wool these mittens come fleece lined for extra warmth and comfort.
These handmade mittens are not only exclusive but also made limited.

These are made one size and fits most adult sizes due to wools stretchy nature.

In Oatmeal/White, Charcoal/Grey and Coffee/Brown with TTOPI label engraved button made completely out of coconut shell.

(Length:26cm, Width:10cm, Rib:6cm, Thumb:7cm)

Browse shop for matching Head Bands, Scarfs & Toque/ Beanie.

In accordance with its sustainability plan, TTOPI ensures internal compliance with social and environmental norms as well as compliance throughout its supply chain.
We at TTOPI guarantee premium quality & performance for all our creations.

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Weight110 g
Dimensions14 × 10 × 2 cm



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