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Handmade from fine 100% pure Sheep wool, this masterpiece is elegant and rugged. Made in cable pattern with thick charcoal yarn & a coconut shell button. This masterpiece is off the hook!

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This masterpiece is off the hook!

The Classic Leg Warmer – The classic handmade, hand-knitted leg warmer made from the finest quality 100% natural Sheep wool, with “TTOPI” engraved Buttons (handmade coconut shell buttons) on each pair, in cable pattern, without any lining is an absolute classic.
Immaculately well knitted from the finest quality pure yarn, extremely warm, for any style and occasion, this trendy “The Classic Leg-warmer ” is a masterpiece.

Created limited and only for/by TTOPI, this classic yet contemporary leg warmer is an artisanal work of wearable art.

Color: Charcoal Grey
Length:38cm, Width: 32cm , Rib: 5cm (1*1)
Coconut Shell Main Logo (T TOPI) Button

*Item exactly like picture.

In accordance with its sustainability plan, TTOPI ensures internal compliance with social and environmental norms as well as compliance throughout its supply chain.
We at TTOPI guarantee premium quality & performance for all our creations.

Additional information

Weight212 g
Dimensions20 × 16 × 2 cm



1 review for Jazzy

  1. Nicole

    Amazing quality and looks great. Fit it comfy, stretchy yet sturdy. 5 stars

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