About Us

Welcome to T TOPI Fashion, a refined fashion & style enterprise based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Our passion is to create & cater to our clients by providing handmade products of the highest quality and aesthetic.

Our Vision

To achieve excellence in the domain of classic yet contemporary fashion through collaborative efforts of designers and artisans.

Our Mission

To combine fashion ware of outstanding quality, value, functionality and durability with aesthetic appeal for a truly stylish and gratifying customer experience.


T TOPI Woollen Wear- Handmade  Sheep & Yak Wool products

T TOPI wool products are artisanal works of wearable art.Handmade from from 100% wool with soft linings for sumptuous comfort, they are elegant and understated.

T TOPI SHAWLS – Handmade Cashmere & Woollen Shawls

The timeless genuine Cashmere & Merino Wool Shawls  guarantees comfort, style & luxury.These hand woven shawls are sure to add meaning and statement to your style.


T TOPI CARPETS- Handmade Luxury carpets.

Hand knotted with Virgin Tibetan wool from the high Himalayas, the lanolin rich wool enhances your rug experience with age and use. 8640 knots per sq. foot woven by skilled weavers in the Kathmandu Valley, these rugs are colourfast and bring warmth and character to your space.With about half an inch in thickness, these weighty rugs while beautiful are also tough and hard wearing.


T TOPI JOURNALS- Hand Painted, Handmade Journals from Handmade Paper.

Hand Painted, Handmade Journals from Handmade Paper.This masterpiece is made completely from handmade paper and carefully hand bound. The hard book covers are hand painted with a feel of natural texture the way the fibres dried and adhered to one another, creating its own identity. Attached a book knob, a hand carved brass Vajra pendent for luck, protection and enlightenment.